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November 2023 – Growth Mindset
October 2023 – Creating a Vision for you 4-H Club or Program
March 2023 – Peer Coaching
February 2023 – Egg Game
January 2023 – Aiming for Life Skills
December 2022 – Center Shot on Cereal
November 2022 – The Sound Factor
October 2022 – Civic Engagement
September 2022 – States of Matter

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STEM Jeopardy PowerPoint

Coordinator Coffee

December 2021 – Got Recruits? Discover ideas on how to recruit new youth to find their spark in your 4-H Shooting Sports program.
October 2021 – Got Coordination? Discover how and why being a certified coordinator grows your 4-H Shooting Sport program.
September 2021 – Got Learning? Discover teaching and coaching tips to make the most out of the time you serve 4-H Shooting Sports.
August 2021 – Got Partners? Discover how and why to build partnerships to build your 4-H Shooting Sports Program.
July 2021 – Got Citizenship? Discover activities to do with your 4-H club to explore citizenship qualities in your 4-H Shooting Sports Program.
June 2021 – Got Knowledge? Explore opportunities to gain knowledge outside of shooting sports practices.
May 2021 – Got Champions? Walk through the National 4-H Shooting Sports Championships as a Coach & Competitor.
April 2021 – Got Success? Using Success Markers for Youth and Your 4-H Club
March 2021 – Got Funds?
February 2021 – Got Conflict?
October 2020 – Developing Ambassadors and Youth Advocates in 4-H Shooting Sports
September 2020 – Following CDC Guidlines when Allowed to Re-open the Range
August 2020 – Writing Risk Management Plans for a County or 4-H Club & During a Pandemic
June 2020 – Teaching STEM Virtually
May 2020 – Thriving Through 4-H Shooting Sports
April 2020 – Learning Virtually
March 2020 – Marketing 4-H Shooting Sports